Sep 232015

Laughs a lot who laughs last, perhaps, this sentence is going to be the slogan of Arsenal fans for the Chelsea football player , the Spanish international striker Diego Costa.

This expression comes from the Gunners’ audience after the decision of English Football Association to stop Diego Costa from playing for the next three games.

FA’s decision to stop Costa came after the events in the game of his team against Arsenal in the last round of the English Premier League.

And Costa, in the last game against Arsenal, was interfering Arsenal Defender Laurent Koscielny where Diego beated him without seeing this by referee Mark Dean, therefore D.Costa didn’t get an immediate punishment in the game.

Although Costa was the man who laughed in that game for escaping from the punishment after his fault against Koscielny and causing a strange decision from the referee of excluding Gabriel Paulista, but eventually, the end was not in his favor.

And the dissemination of the FA’s statement about Costa said: “After the disciplinary board of the football meeting in England and watching the video of interference by Diego Costa in front of Koscielny,  Arsenal defender. After missing the attention of the referee, we found that Costa deserves to be punished and he will be banned for three games.”

And by this Diego Costa will miss the next three local games in front of Walsall in the English League Cup and Newcastle and Southampton in the English Premier League to be back with his team on October 17 in front of Aston Villa.