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Sep 222015

This transfer season, there was a deal between Manchester United and Real Madrid for David De Gea. The deal was a £29 million one in which Madrid’s Costa Rican keeper, Keylor Navas would also be added to the money in exchange for De Gea coming to Real Madrid.

The deal sadly broke down as it could not be concluded before the Spanish transfer deadline . Keylor Navas is reported to have told Spanish radio that he cried after the deal fell through.

He said”I was waiting at the airport in a private room which was what I was told I had to do. It was at a point where every five minutes things changed: that I should go to the airport, that I shouldn’t go. There was nothing clear and I wasn’t relaxed until everything was over. When everything passed and I went to my room with my wife, I started to think about what happened, I just cracked up. They were moments that I hope will not happen again because they were not good. I cried with my wife…”

After the deal fell through, De Gea has signed a new contract with Manchester United. Navas on the other hand has had a great start to the season. He has kept a clean sheet for five games this season; Real hasn’t conceded any goals.

His performance has already broken the record set by a former Madrid keeper, Miguel Angel in the 1975/1976 season in which he kept a clean sheet for four matches.

Real play with Atletic Bilbao on Wednesday and Navas hopes to extend his record. Real, which has 10 points, is second on the table to Barcelona which has 12.

Sep 202015

The European refugee crisis is something of grave importance to the world . This refugee crisis has also affected the world of football. This comes as Real Madrid shows solidarity to a Syrian refugee family. Osama Abdul Mohsen, a Syrian refugee, was tripped by a camera woman at the Hungarian border.

His ordeal was captured on camera and sparked outrage the world over. The camera woman who has already been sacked said she did it because she feared for her safety when she saw the man and his son running along the Hungarian border.

The family was subsequently tracked to Munich by a Spanish football academy. The family was invited to Spain by the football academy. Real Madrid also showed some solidarity to the family. They invited the father and his son, Zaid to the match between Real Madrid and Granada which took place on Saturday. The son, Zaid was Ronaldo’s escort for the match.

The Madrid players also wore solidarity t-shirts in support of the many Syrian refugees displaced across Europe. Madrid won the match against Granada. The only goal was scored by Karim Benzema for Real Madrid. Madrid played without Bale and Sergio Ramos who were injured in the match against Shaktar Donetsk. Madrid’s win temporarily places them atop the league table. They have 10 points while Atletico Madrid and Barca have 9 points. Barcelona could take the lead depending on their Sunday game against Levante.

In conclusion, the refugee crises in Europe is an issue to be taken seriously. The action of Madrid in showing solidarity is a welcome one and other clubs are encouraged to follow suit.