Oct 132015

A former Liverpool star, Djibril Cisse has been implicated in a blackmail case. He has been released from police custody after he was arrested along with three others around 6am this morning. The blackmail case is one in which involves Malthieu Valbuena, Cisse’s former teammate at Marseille and fellow French player.

Cisse was involved in a plot to collect a sum of money from Valbuena in order for them not to publish a sex tape in which Valbuena was involved in. This act by Cisse could turn out badly for him. He could end up getting a five year jail term for his actions in this case of blackmail against the present Lyon midfielder.

This imbroglio involving the two players has come out as shocking to the outside world. The two players are considered friends. They are both French players and they played together at Marseille between 2006 and 2008.

Djibril Cisse has played for Liverpool, Sunderland and QPR in the English Premier League. He joined Liverpool in 2004. He was able to net about 24 goals in 74 appearances for Liverpool. He left the Premier League and Liverpool in the year 2007.

He returned to the English Premier League on a season long loan for Sunderland in 2008.  He scored 11 goals for Sunderland that season. He subsequently joined QPR in the Premier league in 2012 and scored 12 goals for them during the 18 months period in which he was with them.

Cisse was released by Ligue 1 club Bastia this summer. Thus, he is currently without a club. It would be interesting to how all this played out.