May 222016

Manchester United coach Louis Van Gaal said his deal with the club was over. He was quizzed by the media when leaving the clubs hotel after the FA cup celebrations if he would remain as coach at the club and his reply was “it’s over”. Whether this means that his deal with the club is over or not is yet to be confirmed but it seems like the dutch man has seen his last game as United’s coach and is happy that months of speculations are now done with.

Van Gaal who was brought in by the club to rejuvenate it after former coach David Moyes was relieved of his duty has had it rough since taking over from the club. His first competitive game as united’s coach ended with the team loosing by two goals at Old Trafford. The following games were not any better and he would consider himself lucky to have even qualified for the Champions League. Fast forward to his second term, the team lost out in the Champions League, Europa League and even failed to qualify for next seasons Champions League.

After the amount of money that he has been given to spend it is really a disappointment that the team could not qualify for the elite competition.. Van Gaal could at least be happy that he has one trophy to his name at the club if it is confirmed that he is leaving the club.

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