Nov 012015

barca players in halloween costumes A number of FC Barcelona players were in a prank on Saturday after their 2-0 win over Getafe. Quite a number of them dressed up in costumes hoping to maybe run into their own coach in a press conference or the media but instead they opened the wrong down as described by one of the players when they were being ushered out of the room. They ran into a press conference where Getafe’s Victor Rodriguez was talking to the media. On realising this, they were ushered out of the room and one of them apologised saying they were in the wrong room. A lot of Getafe’s fans have reacted to the incident calling it a wrongful way of celebrating victory over there opponents. Following the incident FC Barcelona’s first team players released the statement below on Sunday;

“In light of the reaction provoked by our actions, which were carried out with the purpose of celebrating a good win and the team’s good form, while also coinciding with Halloween, FC Barcelona’s first team squad would like to manifest that:

“1. – In no case was it our intention to offend or annoy any of our colleagues from Getafe.

“2. – The invasion in the mixed zone coincided with Victor Rodriguez’s press conference and was an unfortunate coincidence, for which we personally apologised and expressed our respect. The images captured at that moment demonstrate that a player clearly said: “Where are we going? We have made a mistake [entering the press conference].”

“3. – The squad is aware of the responsibility that comes with being an FC Barcelona player and wants to apologise to anyone who feels offended, especially members of Getafe’s team and their fans. Our behaviour is also un-waiverable with the members and supporters of FC Barcelona, who should be proud of this team off the pitch, as well as on it.”

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