Oct 102015

Lionel Messi started out this football season in his characteristically good note. All these changed when he incurred a two months injury in the match against Las Palmas. After this event, it appears that there is another hurdle that this star has to cross. There is a likelihood that Lionel Messi would bag a jail term extending for about two years.

The possible term is due to allegations of tax fraud against Messi and his father, Jorge.The pair were accused of defrauding the Spanish Tax Authorities of a sum of about €4 million. The tax fraud is related to money not remitted in relation to Messi’s image rights between the year 2007 and 2009.

Although there was a request by prosecutors for Messi’s charge to be dropped, this was overruled by the court. Thus, Messi and his father are going to be charged on three count charges of tax fraud. Messi and his father have come out to deny any wrongdoings on their part.

Messi’s father is alleged to have transferred the money in question to fake companies located in different countries. The companies mentioned are said to be in Belize, Uruguay, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Messi and his father have also paid a sum as repatriation for the alleged tax fraud. Since the tax fraud case was started in 2013, the duo have paid a sum totalling about €5 million. This covers the money owed and the interest.

In all, although Messi going out on a 2 months long injury is bad enough, it would be unfathomable if he ends up in jail.

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