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crisitano ronaldo

Last Wednedsay, specifically in the night of 30th September 2015, Cristiano Ronaldo, the international Portuguese and the player of the Royal team Real Madrid football club pulled the rug from under the feet of Real Madrid legend Raul Gonzalez, and balanced with him the number of goals scored in white jerseys, which is 323 goals.

Without a doubt, this historical top scorer title in Real Madrid will not last longer be a partnership between Raul and Cristiano, it does not seem For those who follow Real Madrid that Cristiano Ronaldo will accept this partnership, and not for a long period Ronaldo will put his name alone on the top of the list.

The Portuguese scored 10 goals this season so far with 5 goals in 6 games of La Liga in addition of the same number of goals in the Champions League but in only two games.
Goals of Ronaldo last Wednesday in front of the Swedish Malmo not only put him alongside Raul top scorer in the club historically, but gave for the Portuguese star a chance to reach a goalscoring balance up to 501 goals in his career between the clubs and the national team.

A Number made of Cristiano Ronaldo a living legend beating around the Bernabeu and stadiums of the old continent, and the Number will make the Real Madrid current generation of fans proud of this star like old fans was proud of Famous Fi Stefano.
Spotting the Light on the mysteries of the Portuguese career, and how For he made his name famous in European stadiums focusing on records he achieved here and there:

– Cristiano Ronaldo is the first player in England who could achieve all the awards given to the best player in the Premier League by FA or by journalist awards.

– With 55 international goals, the Portuguese Cristiano is the only through history who exceeded the balance of 50 goals with the Portuguese team shirt.

– Cristiano Ronaldo is the top scorer in the Champions League throughout its history with 82 goal.

– Ronaldo is the owner of the largest number of goals registered in a single season of Champions League, so it was in 2013-14 with 17 goals in 11 games.

– In La Liga, Cristiano scored 28 hat-tricks Real Madrid, more than any other player who passed through history of the Spanish competition.

– The Portuguese legend is the fastest player in the history of La Liga who went up to 150 goals scored (in 140 games), and the fastest as well to reach 200 goals scored (in 178 games).

– Cristiano Ronaldo is the only player in the world who won the Golden Boot award with two different clubs.

So.. What remains to Cristiano Ronaldo with his historical titles to grave his name alone without a rival and be the greatest scorer over the history of football?

A simple look and a quick comparison between Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo in some aspects, may reveal to us what lacks the Portuguese.
Argentina star for FC Barcelona set a record of more number of goals scored in a season of La Liga and that was in 2011-12, where he scored 50 goal, while Ronaldo for the best record in this aspect is the 48 in the last year.

Messi also put another record registered in his name represents scoring 82 goals in one season (2011-12), and it seems that Cristiano Ronaldo is far from this record, with a total maximum number of goals scored in a season is 69.
And it remains for the Argentinian Lionel Messi another record which is superior to Ronaldo with it being the best scorer in the history of La Liga with 289 goals while Ronaldo has has just 230 goals in La Liga.

After all this, Cristiano Ronaldo still has in his sleeve what beats the Argentinian, given the scoring rate in La Liga, the record of Ronaldo is 1.11 goal in the match while Messi recorded a rate of 0.9, which has the same scoring rate than Spanish league legend Telmo Zarra.

What waits for Cristiano Ronaldo?

There is an end of every beginning, but until his retirement from football,Ronaldo will be able to break down more numbers, which comes in the forefront his ability to be the fastest player in the history of La Liga to reach the balance of 250 goals, this record is registered in the name of Zarra, who scored this number in 272 games, whereas, Cristiano has to score 20 goals in 44 games in La Liga to come to exceed the number of Zara, which is not excluded at all.

Perhaps superiority over Lionel Messi in El Clasico will be ordered with a special taste for Ronaldo, who lags behind Messi with 7 goals in total goals scored by the duo in the Clasico, the absence of Messi, for the next Clasico ,probably, could give Ronaldo a chance to reduce the difference and wait for the future if it holds some news.

Another challenge is perhaps waiting for Cristiano though it seems difficult, it is to exceed the number of participations of previous captain Iker Casillas in the Champions League, where Ronaldo has 117 games in the time that Casillas recorded 152 post, the arrival of Real Madrid to advanced stages of the competition, the fitness of Ronaldo his stay with the Royal team for seasons would give him a chance to reach a record that seems somewhat out of reach.

And the challenge that seems impossible for the Portuguese star in the future, is to achieve the title of international tems’ top scorer in football history, which is underlined by Iran’s player Ali Daei as the number of 109 goals in 149 matches (average: 0.73 goal in the game).

For Ronaldo, he has 55 goals in 122 international appearances for the national team (average: 0.45 goals per game).

Even if Ronaldo’s most important challenge is to be the best scorer on the international level with European teams, then it also seems difficult to realize that while Puskas scored 84 goals in 85 games.

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