Sep 222015

Round 6 of Premier League was played last week on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of September… It has marked many surprises to fans and it was full of Football ♥.

Chelsea VS Arsenal

The first game of Round 6 was so amazing assembling Chelsea and Arsenal together… Chelsea won 2-0 and Arsenal has to deal with the loss of Gabriel and Cazorla due to 2 red cards.

Swansea VS Everton

The 2 teams pursuing each others in the standings, had a draw game with no goals. Swansea could do too much with 3 points but 0-0 wwas the final result. Everton player Mirallas got a red card after he replaced Barkley by two minutes.

Stoke City VS Leicester

Stoke city was the team of 1st half but the Leicester Team players, with no loss this season, scored 2 goals on the 2nd half and made their 3rd Draw. The game finished with 2-2.

New Castle United VS Watford

New Castle United is still getting a hard time this season with no win and lost this game on his field versus Watford who keeps making positive results. The final score was 1-2 for Watford.

Bournemouth VS Sunderland

Sunderland is truely suffering from bad luck this season, and makes his 4th loss last Saturday against Bournemouth… Bournemouth team players scored 2 goals in the first 10 minutes and won the game by 2-0.

Aston Villa VS West Bromwich

Aston villa had a chance to stop the losses and draws for this season and make a 2nd win after 4 rounds but West Bromwich took the 3 points with Berahino’s goal in minute 39’. The game ended with the score of 0-1 for West Bromwich Albion.

Man City VS West Ham United

The best game of round 6 has surprised many fans and especially gamblers who bet for Man City, this team made 5 wins this season but West Ham was there to stop this series of victories with 2 goals.  Man City is still in the head of Standings but he could make a better result. The final result was 1-2 for West Ham United.

Tottenham VS Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace, with no Draw since the season started, and Tottenham pursuing him, made a good game last Sunday with the only goal for Tottenham scored by Son Heung-Min in minute 68’. The game finished with a 1-0 victory for Tottenham.

Southampton VS Man United

Man United, making a hot pursuit of Man City for the head of Premier League’s Standings, never misses the opportunity against Southampton and wins the game after a hard and great efficiency by both team players. It was a hell of a game and the best game on Sunday the 20th. The final score was 2-3 for Man United.

Liverpool VS Norwich

Liverpool , facing a pretty hard time this season, couldn’t make a positive result of this game on their field and made a 1-1 draw against Norwich who is still making good results and achieving challenges. The final result was 1-1 with a 2nd half 2 goals.

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