Sep 142015

Finally, after a long patience, Champions League Came back in her new worthy custom of Games, the first round will rock the fans, as much as the teams.

Tomorrow, Tuesday September 15, 2015, the first round of UEFA champions league will take place with a hell of 16 games , here are the first 8 that would be played tomorrow briefly analyzed by our working team :

PSV Eindhoven VS Manchester United

Psv Eindhoven team players are willing to make a good result on their Stadium, especially that it would take them deeper into this competition… but Red Devils, with Memphis Depay the ex-player of Psv, will  do their best to win the first round and get back to England with precious 3 points.

Vfl Wolfsburg VS CSKA Moscow

those 2 teams are trying to make good results in the competition, so the game is going to be as great as nobody imagine… and every team will try to score in the first minutes to start with high spirits.

Paris Saint Germain VS Malmö FF

It is an easy game for the Saint Germains hosting Malmo team players on their field, in addition of that, the whole PSG team players are ready for the game, so the coach has many choices to put this game in his profit.

Real Madrid VS Shakhtar Donetsk

Real Madrid team players, except James Rodriguez who is suffering from an injury, are ready to make their first 3 points in the champions league hosting Shakhtar Donetsk.

Man City VS Juventus

To be honest, the result of this game is clear, Man city didn’t lose any game yet in the Barclays premier league’s first 5 fixtures and they will not hesitate to continue their serie of victories in Champions League, and Juventus, after selling his good players such as Tevez and Vidal, will face a hard time in this competition.

Sevilla VS Borussia Mönchengladbach

It looks much like a draw game, but nobody knows what can Sevilla team players do on the field when it comes to Continental competitions… Mönchengladbach is facing a pretty hard time in the Bundesliga, but it can surprise as in the champions league.

Galatasaray Vs  Atlético de Madrid

Well, Galatasaray, who made his 20th Turkish Super League title last season, is a great team on his field, but Atletico Madrid also won’t accept a defeat in the first round, so it would be an amazing game tomorrow, the best game to watch.

Benfica VS FC Astana

Benfice won’t let victory go of this game, FC Astana with a rare participation in Champions League will be an easy target to beat by Benfica team players and many goals would be scored from the Homes.


Well, the 8 games of tomorrow will represent an awesome start of the Champions League, with the finalists of last year : Paris Saint Germain , Juventus and Real Madrid, tomorrow night will be a great soccer night.

Wait for us to provide you with results and analytics of tomorrow’s Champions League games… In addition, we will give you some coverage and statistics about Wednesday’s games.


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