Sep 232015

Robert Lewandowski succeded in attracting all the fans after the historical achievement he made against Wolfsburg,during round 5 of Bundesliga, where he could socre 5 goals in just 10 minutes. What’s the secret of Lewa ?

Robert Lewandowski could never forget those crazy 9 minutes in his entire life, when he succeded in making an ideal football show in the history of Bundesliga, HE SCORED 5 GOALS IN LESS THAN 10 MINUTES in the guests’ goal and helped his team win the match. That happened when the Bavarians hosted Wolfsburg ( last season DFB-Pokal’s Champion) last night September 22th, in Bundesliga Round 5.

This spherical presentation by Lewandowski didn’t only amaze the audience, but even Lewandowski himself was surprised, which is clearly evident in his statement when he said: “I personally do not know how I made these five goals.”

An amazing talent in the level of Messi and C.Ronaldo

Nobody can deny the great talent in the legs of Lewa, he got the title of best striker in the world, when he was playing for Borussia Dortmund, and he even led Dortmund to get the title of the Bundesliga in 2011 and 2012… and now Lewandowski is one of the best worldwide strikers. Many footbal observers believe that his performance reached the level of the Legendary Messi and Cristiano.

Many football observers see that the criteria of evaluating football strikers has changed a lot, comparing Lewandowski to the legend Gerd Muller is logical but that’s not always true. The football has developed and become more complex, which means that the striker has become required to make much greater effort than it was the situation in the past, and what did Lewandowski with his team against Wolfsburg is the best evidence to prove that the Polish striker has unique talent.

Reasons behind his legendary success

Of Course, his 5 goals against Wolfsburg weren’t the only indicator of his amazing talent in football, but football experts say that his attitude is the main reason behing his success, Lewa is ambitious and calm too which is evident in his relationship with the Spanish coach Pep Guardiola, despite his recent exclusion from the starting lineup in Tuesday’s game, Lewandowski kept his cool and he has even achieved miracles after replacing Alcantara.


There is no doubt that the decision of the Bavarian Administration of adding Lewandowski was the right one, and then, it was the cheapest of its players, as he moved from Dortmund to Bayern without any financial compensation because of the expiration of his contract with Dortmund.

It is logical that Lewandowski’s brilliance would attract the attention of BIG clubs, especially English clubs who have high financial capabilities… Would money entice Bayern Munich Management and let go the Polish special talent ? Or it will take decisive action to preserve the unique Lewandowski ? Note that Lewandowski contract with the Bavarian team runs up to 2019.

Sep 222015

Round 6 of Premier League was played last week on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of September… It has marked many surprises to fans and it was full of Football ♥.

Chelsea VS Arsenal

The first game of Round 6 was so amazing assembling Chelsea and Arsenal together… Chelsea won 2-0 and Arsenal has to deal with the loss of Gabriel and Cazorla due to 2 red cards.

Swansea VS Everton

The 2 teams pursuing each others in the standings, had a draw game with no goals. Swansea could do too much with 3 points but 0-0 wwas the final result. Everton player Mirallas got a red card after he replaced Barkley by two minutes.

Stoke City VS Leicester

Stoke city was the team of 1st half but the Leicester Team players, with no loss this season, scored 2 goals on the 2nd half and made their 3rd Draw. The game finished with 2-2.

New Castle United VS Watford

New Castle United is still getting a hard time this season with no win and lost this game on his field versus Watford who keeps making positive results. The final score was 1-2 for Watford.

Bournemouth VS Sunderland

Sunderland is truely suffering from bad luck this season, and makes his 4th loss last Saturday against Bournemouth… Bournemouth team players scored 2 goals in the first 10 minutes and won the game by 2-0.

Aston Villa VS West Bromwich

Aston villa had a chance to stop the losses and draws for this season and make a 2nd win after 4 rounds but West Bromwich took the 3 points with Berahino’s goal in minute 39’. The game ended with the score of 0-1 for West Bromwich Albion.

Man City VS West Ham United

The best game of round 6 has surprised many fans and especially gamblers who bet for Man City, this team made 5 wins this season but West Ham was there to stop this series of victories with 2 goals.  Man City is still in the head of Standings but he could make a better result. The final result was 1-2 for West Ham United.

Tottenham VS Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace, with no Draw since the season started, and Tottenham pursuing him, made a good game last Sunday with the only goal for Tottenham scored by Son Heung-Min in minute 68’. The game finished with a 1-0 victory for Tottenham.

Southampton VS Man United

Man United, making a hot pursuit of Man City for the head of Premier League’s Standings, never misses the opportunity against Southampton and wins the game after a hard and great efficiency by both team players. It was a hell of a game and the best game on Sunday the 20th. The final score was 2-3 for Man United.

Liverpool VS Norwich

Liverpool , facing a pretty hard time this season, couldn’t make a positive result of this game on their field and made a 1-1 draw against Norwich who is still making good results and achieving challenges. The final result was 1-1 with a 2nd half 2 goals.

Sep 162015

The first phase of Champions League’s first round which was played yesterday September 15th, has given to fans the craziest 8 games clean of draws…

Paris Saint-Germain VS Malmö FF (2-0)

As we predicted, PSG would take the 3 points easily. PSG didn’t play with the initial line-up : Ibrahimoviç and Lavezzi were substitutors. But Di Maria made a good game and the coach has just to focus on the rest of games.

  1. Di Maria 18’
  2. Cavani 61’

Galatasaray VS Atletico De Madrid (0-2)

Atletico Madrid was surprising in this game especially the attacker Griezmann who scored the 2 winning goals in the first 25 minutes. Such a hard game for Galatasaray.

  1. Griezmann 18’
  2. Griezmann 25’

Real Madrid VS Shakhtar Donetsk (4-0)

It was known from the beginning that Real Madrid players would never let go an easy game like this without a large victory. 4 goals scored in this game : 2 penalties for RM and C. Ronaldo Hattrick.

  1. Benzema 30’
  2. Ronaldo (P) 55’
  3. Ronaldo (P) 63’
  4. Ronaldo 81’

Sevilla VS Borussia Monchengladbach (3-0)

Sevilla made a good move winning versus M’gladbach with 3 second halftime’s goals. The last Europa Leage Champion team players did well in that game and won 3 points into the Champions League.

  1. Gameiro (P) 47’
  2. Banega (P) 66’
  3. Konoplyanka 84’

Man City VS Juventus (1-2)

the homes who are doing great in Barclays Premier League lost their first game in Champions League’s group stage against Juventus who didn’t make any win yet in the Italian Seria A. Morata scored the winning goal at 81’ and helped his team start the Champions League with 3 precious points.

  1. Chellini (Own Goal) 57’
  2. Mandzukic 70’
  3. Morata 81’

PSV Eindhoven VS Man Utd (2-1)

MemPhis Depay succeeded, as he promised, in scoring the first goal in the game and he celebrated in his ex-stadium, until PSV team players scored 2 goals and won the game surprising the audience.

  1. Depay 41’
  2. Moreno 45’
  3. Narsingh 57’

Benfica VS FC Astana (2-0)

An easy 2-0 win for Benfica to help start a good competition with 3 points in the head of Group C with Atletico de Madrid.

  1. Gaitàn 51’
  2. Mitroglou 62’

Vfl Wolfsburg VS CSKA Moscow (1-0)

The only goal scored by Draxler in the game, made Wolfsburg win 3 points through a hard games hosting CSKA Moscow.

  1. Draxler 40’


Well, the 1st day in Champions League this year is pretty amazing and it continues until tonight with another great 8 games, wait for the analytics tomorrow. It was, truely, Worth Watching and it will always be…

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Sep 142015

Finally, after a long patience, Champions League Came back in her new worthy custom of Games, the first round will rock the fans, as much as the teams.

Tomorrow, Tuesday September 15, 2015, the first round of UEFA champions league will take place with a hell of 16 games , here are the first 8 that would be played tomorrow briefly analyzed by our working team :

PSV Eindhoven VS Manchester United

Psv Eindhoven team players are willing to make a good result on their Stadium, especially that it would take them deeper into this competition… but Red Devils, with Memphis Depay the ex-player of Psv, will  do their best to win the first round and get back to England with precious 3 points.

Vfl Wolfsburg VS CSKA Moscow

those 2 teams are trying to make good results in the competition, so the game is going to be as great as nobody imagine… and every team will try to score in the first minutes to start with high spirits.

Paris Saint Germain VS Malmö FF

It is an easy game for the Saint Germains hosting Malmo team players on their field, in addition of that, the whole PSG team players are ready for the game, so the coach has many choices to put this game in his profit.

Real Madrid VS Shakhtar Donetsk

Real Madrid team players, except James Rodriguez who is suffering from an injury, are ready to make their first 3 points in the champions league hosting Shakhtar Donetsk.

Man City VS Juventus

To be honest, the result of this game is clear, Man city didn’t lose any game yet in the Barclays premier league’s first 5 fixtures and they will not hesitate to continue their serie of victories in Champions League, and Juventus, after selling his good players such as Tevez and Vidal, will face a hard time in this competition.

Sevilla VS Borussia Mönchengladbach

It looks much like a draw game, but nobody knows what can Sevilla team players do on the field when it comes to Continental competitions… Mönchengladbach is facing a pretty hard time in the Bundesliga, but it can surprise as in the champions league.

Galatasaray Vs  Atlético de Madrid

Well, Galatasaray, who made his 20th Turkish Super League title last season, is a great team on his field, but Atletico Madrid also won’t accept a defeat in the first round, so it would be an amazing game tomorrow, the best game to watch.

Benfica VS FC Astana

Benfice won’t let victory go of this game, FC Astana with a rare participation in Champions League will be an easy target to beat by Benfica team players and many goals would be scored from the Homes.


Well, the 8 games of tomorrow will represent an awesome start of the Champions League, with the finalists of last year : Paris Saint Germain , Juventus and Real Madrid, tomorrow night will be a great soccer night.

Wait for us to provide you with results and analytics of tomorrow’s Champions League games… In addition, we will give you some coverage and statistics about Wednesday’s games.


Mar 222014

BBC Football | Barclays Premier League | Barclays Premiership | Latest Barclays Premier League News | Fixtures and Features | Match Results | Full Report and Highlights | Latest Score | Scorers | News Now Barclays Premiership | Live Streaming | Statistic Match | 31th Round | Table Standing | 22 March 2014 | 23 March 2014 | Chelsea vs Arsenal | Cardiff City vs Liverpool | Everton vs Swansea City | Manchester City vs Fulham | West Ham United vs Manchester United | Tottenham Hotspur vs Southampton | Derby London | Season 2013/2014

Barclays Premier League Results of Round 31th March 2014
Barclays Premier League Results of Round 31th
Barclays Premier League Results | 31th Round | Football News | 22-23 March | 2013-2014

Here’s latest scores Barclays premier league results round of 31th (22-23 March 2014) :

22 March 2014
FT : Chelsea (6) vs (0) Arsenal
FT : Cardiff City (3) vs (6) Liverpool
FT : Everton (3) vs (2) Swansea City
FT : Hull City (2) vs (0) West Bromwich Albion
FT : Manchester City (5) vs (0) Fulham
FT : Newcastle United (1) vs (0) Crystal Palace
FT : Norwich City (2) vs (0) Sunderland
FT – West Ham United (0) vs (0) Manchester United – Report

23 March 2014
FT – Tottenham Hotspur (3) vs (2) Southampton
FT : Aston Villa (1) vs (4) Stoke City

FT : Full Time

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Mar 222014

BBC Football | Manchester City Football Club | Manchester City Football Team | Manchester City FC | Manchester City News | Manchester City News Now | Manchester City Latest News | Manchester City News Now | Match Preview | Squad | Fixtures and Features | Livescorers | Live Streaming | Barclays Premier League | Round of 31th | Manchester City vs Fulham | 22 March 2014 | Formation | Fixtures and Features | News Now Manchester City | Injury/ Unavailable/ Doubtful/ Suspended | Match Officials | Next Match (Barclays Premier League) : Manchester United vs Manchester City | 25 March 2014 | Season 2013/2014

Manchester City vs Fulham Barlays Premier League 2014
Manchester City vs Fulham
Venue : Etihad Stadium | Referee : Jonathan Moss
22 March 2014 – KO 15:00 BST
Manchester City Preview | Fulham Preview | Football News | Manchester City vs Fulham | 31th Round | 2013/2014
There is no margin for error against the Premier League’s bottom club for Manchester City side. With an away sequence that reads Old Trafford, the Emirates Stadium and Anfield to come, Manchester City must put maximum points on the board regardless of The Captain Kompany’s suspension and injury to Sergio Agüero. Only Norwich City have conceded more goals on their travels this season than Fulham, who have lost 10 of 15 away games but secured their first win under new manager Felix Magath last weekend.
Manchester City Squad : 4-4-2
Hart; Kolarov, Demichelis, Lescott, Zabaleta; Silva, fernandinho, Tore, Nasri; Negredo, Dzeko.
Substitutes : Pantilimon, Clichy, Rodwell, Boyata, Milner, García, Navas, Jovetic, Nimely, Wabara, Lopes.
Fulham Squad : 4-2-3-1
Stockdale; Richardson, Heitinga, Hangeland, Riether; Kvist, Sidwell; kasami, Holtby, Kacaniklic, Woodrow.
Substitutes : Stekelenburg, Riise, Burn, Amorebieta, Bent, Zverotic, Boateng, David, Roberts, Rodallega, Tankovic, Dembélé.
Manchester City
Doubtful : None.
Injured/unavailable : Nastasic (knee), Richards (muscle), Agüero (hamstring).
Suspended : Kompany (1/1).
Doubtful : Burn (calf).
Injured/unavailable : Dejagah (thigh), Mitroglou (knee), Parker (knee), Karagounis (thigh), Duff (knee), Briggs (groin).
Suspended : None.

Referee: Jonathan Moss
Assistants: I Hussin and S Long
Fourth Official: N Miller
Here’s Barclays Premier League fixtures round of 31th (22-23 March 2014) :
22 March 2014
15:00 GMT – Cardiff City vs Liverpool – Preview
15:00 GMT – Everton vs Swansea City
15:00 GMT – Hull City vs West Bromwich Albion
15:00 GMT – Manchester City vs Fulham – Preview
15:00 GMT – Newcastle United vs Crystal Palace
15:00 GMT – Norwich City vs Sunderland
17:30 GMT – West Ham United vs Manchester United – Preview

23 March 2014
12:30 GMT – Tottenham Hotspur vs Southampton
16:00 GMT – Aston Villa vs Stoke City

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